How to Hire a Piano Mover From Someone Who’s Been There

My buddy, Jeff, who owns a recording studio in downtown recently bought a console piano and needed help getting it into his unit. We had a doozy of a time and I figured I’d share our experience here.

Have you decided to move to another location in Los Angeles? Do you have to move a piano? Keep in mind that moving a piano is not easy. It is worth noting that you must have knowledge and skills as well as the special equipment to move a piano safely. Obviously, it is best to take advantage of professional help to move a piano quickly and successfully.

piano-1082257_1280Once you start searching for a reliable piano mover in Los Angeles you will see that piano moving companies are widely available in this area these days. That’s why a lot of Los Angeles residents find it difficult to select a reliable piano moving company.

Choosing a piano mover is no easy task (we ended up going with the guys at ) particularly for those individuals who have never deal with piano moving businesses in the past. So, how to choose the best piano mover? Now, it’s time to find the answer to this question! Here, you will find useful tips which will help you hire a reputable piano mover in Los Angeles easily and quickly.

Deal with Licensed Piano Movers Only

Of course, you need to hire highly professional piano movers who are the best in what they do. That’s why it is incredibly important for you to hire licensed piano movers. The point is that licensed movers get special training. It is worth noting that licensed piano movers are highly trained in piano transportation, so they can do their job properly. There is no doubt that you should avoid dealing with unlicensed piano movers. Hiring unlicensed movers can result in numerous problems and stress.

Make Sure that You are Going to Hire Insured Piano Movers

As it was mentioned above, professional piano movers are licensed. Keep in mind that piano movers must be insured as well. So, don’t hesitate to ask piano movers to show you insurance certificate. Moreover, you need to study piano mover’s insurance coverage carefully. Make sure that piano mover’s insurance provides enough coverage. Obviously, it is best to deal with piano movers who have all-risk covering insurance. So, you will be able to protect yourself from all possible risks when moving your piano.

Hire Piano Movers that Have Established a Good Reputation in the Market

Before hiring any piano moving company, you need to ensure that the piano movers have earned the respect of their customers. So, spend some time and analyze the piano moving company’s reviews carefully in advance.

Today, there are many websites which provide users with customer reviews and ratings of piano moving businesses in Los Angeles. So, after analyzing numerous customer feedbacks about piano moving companies, you will manage to hire the best piano movers quickly.
To make the right decision about a piano mover, you should also read real customer reviews. The problem is that some websites may provide you with fake customer reviews. So, you should always read reviews on trustworthy websites such as Yellow Pages. Such sites are strictly moderated and provide users with real information. It’s also reasonable to take into consideration customer reviews provided on Google Maps.