5 Myths Surrounding Hiring A Limo Service For Your Wedding

stretch-hummer-limoA wedding is a special occasion meant to be treasured throughout your life. You obviously do everything possible to make the day as memorable and as unique as possible. The problem however is that there are many myths and misconceptions about hiring a limo like it being expensive and bothersome. So to ensure you can still hire a limo for your wedding, here is an attempt at dispelling these myths.

You Can Rent Only Classic Limousines

This is not true as there are various vehicles to choose for limo rental services to hire for your wedding. While a classic white or black limo is usually rented for weddings and proms, the Rolls-Royce meant for special occasions can also be rented for your wedding.

SUVs are however a popular choice for bachelor parties and birthdays. So you needn’t worry about finding a limo for your wedding; the limo service will definitely have a car ready to fit your requirements!

Limousine Rentals Are Not Affordable

This is false as you can rent a limousine at a reasonable rate if you plan and book it well in advance. Last minute bookings are more expensive as the limo service can dictate their rates. It’s always better to make early bookings wherein the limo service offer the best rates available.

Once booked, the limousine service will have your limo ready for your wedding with all the required floral decorations, beverages and snacks. They will also chalk out the route you plan to use on your special day so that you can ride in comfort to your wedding day, and afford it.

Limousines Are Outdated And Not Maintained Well

This is not true as all rental limos are well maintained and equipped with the latest technology like DVD players and Global Positioning Systems. They are also thoroughly inspected and cleaned before and after trips for your safety and comfort. Not only is its inside cleaned of all remnants of previous passengers, its outside is also regularly washed, waxed, polished and serviced all year round.

Limo drivers don’t know English or the locality

This is not true as only English speaking drivers who know the locality are chosen by limo services. These drivers are selected based on their poise and personality traits and are professional, efficient and well-versed in their driving skills.

Moreover, these drivers are always in their appropriate attire, and behave both tactfully and respectfully. As all vehicles are equipped with a GPS device, they ensure an uneventful arrival to all destinations.

It’s Not Easy Finding A Reputable Company

This is false as all reputed limousine rental companies provide high quality service. They work hard at maintaining their image and work hard at ensuring their business’s growth. You can also double check with the Better Business Bureau to locate all the reputable limo services as past customers post their comments and reviews of different limo companies on the site.

With these 5 myths dispelled, you can now actually hire a limo for your wedding and arrive at your special day in style. Your limo will add just the touch of excellence your wedding needs to make it memorable and extra special.